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Tide Pages3 by joejoemuh9

I have been working on this book for some time now. It is now at it's final points. There is not an official release date however it will be coming out by the end of this month of the start of the next month!
This is the first book I have released and the first I have done to this style.

This story is based around a boy named Tide and his dead dog spirit named Bo. They wake up on a beach of an island with no idea of where they came from or their pasts. As they looks to answer some questions they meet a crucial issue that has also newly found its way to the island, The "Wizard". There is little known of the wizard other than he is on his own private mission and the byproduct of that is disrupting the peace of the island. Tide and Bo may not know what is going on but they might need to figure some things out to survive.

It is a manga style graphic novel that has been traditionally drawn and the cover art was traditionally painted. I personally love a physical book to read so it is going to only be released in physical copies. This is a 108 pages long book for this first installment into the series. Presales of the book are going to be released soon and each copy will come signed. The book is for teen and up but really works for everyone.

Hope you will try it out and join along.
(ALSO if you would like to check out some of the WIP to the book check out my instagram page:…)
"Tide vs The Island Wizard"
I have been working on a comic/manga book!
It has been a long time now and I finally have the storyboard completed!
It is going to be a classic story between a boy(Tide) and his dog(Bo). If you cannot tell by the dead ghost dog that I am being a bit sarcastic lol. 
I am hand drawing the whole book in black and white scale(you can see below how it will more likely look).
This is going to be a T rated book so it isn't the for kids style book like I am also looking to make. Still will be clean and just fun.
I hope you all will enjoy and I will post on here when it is finally up and ready for purchase!
(It is going to at the very least be a physical book to start out and not just an online comic.)
If you want to see updates on the progress of the book I will be posting them to my… 

Thank you!
For 2013 I want to try and post a lot more work here. SO to start us off I am going to be posting all my past photography I have been to laze to be posting here. SO if all goes well I will than be posting more and more of my work that I may have never posted before. So I hope you enjoy and I hope this will start your new year off well!
Best wishes to you all!
I have had my last icon for such a long time so I decided to make a new one.
I hope you all enjoy even though it isn't flashing rainbow antlers lol
(this is an art piece i did in pen and water color and just animated it).
Please i would like to hear any feedback you all have on it.
Thank you all SO MUCH!

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Shout out to these beauties!

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